Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Rhine Pools and a regular pool company?

The difference is simple, Rhine pools is an extension of Rhine Landscaping. That brings you three main things: better design, a dedicated project manager, and value for your dollar.

When it comes to design, ordinary pool companies do not normally employ Registered Landscape Architects. Typically, they will present you with a pretty picture of your pool that lacks the critical details that are understood by our architects. We measure the topography of your property so you will know up front if any retaining walls or drainage systems are needed before your project begins. You will not be surprised by costly change orders once it is too late for you to turn back. Rhine has a dedicated team of Landscape Architects and designers on staff with years of pool and landscape design experience to create a more complete design for you and your family with no hidden changes coming to you during the construction process.

Your dedicated project manager or single point of contact is a huge advantage for you. Straight pool companies will have you meeting with the sales person first and then once you’re sold they will hand you off to a person or multiple persons in the office for scheduling and details. If you’re lucky, you will see a field person in your yard from time to time. Many times, you will be checking on sub contractors yourself and if problems arise you don’t know who to speak with and who is really in-charge of your project. I can tell you who then becomes the project manager, it’s you! With Rhine Pools, it is straightforward. After the design and sale of your project, you will be introduced to your project manager. You will get your manager’s cell phone number and e-mail address. That’s it, that dedicated project manager will walk you through every detail of construction from start to swim.

Lastly, when you choose Rhine Pools, you receive value for your dollar. Does this mean the cheapest price? Not always. What it does mean is the highest quality craftsmanship, Rhine’s bulk buying power, and an all-inclusive contract. A lot of pool companies will sell you the pool, equipment, pool deck, pipe and wire. There are times they might get the grading wrong and now you need a retaining wall that was not in your budget. You might also need to find your own fencing contractor or a landscaper to actually finish around your pool. The Rhine value is there when you get no hidden surprises, no delay in your personal schedule, no extra costs along the way, and what you are told in the sales process is what you actually receive in the end product. Now that’s value for your dollar!

What is the difference between saltwater pools versus chlorine?

Chlorine has long been the chemical of choice for pool owners who want to keep their water fresh and sparkling. It prevents algae from building up and cleanses the water of bacteria and other pollutants. However, chlorine must be maintained and monitored on a consistent basis. In addition, too much chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation and fade swimsuits and pool toys.

Saltwater pools have become more popular because the water is gentler on eyes and skin. One point to remember is that saltwater pools use chlorine to sanitize water!

Here’s how: a saltwater system has a unit called a salt-chlorine generator, which uses electrolysis to generate chlorine by separating sodium and chlorine molecules in the salt that you add to the pool. The chlorine keeps the water clean and sanitary.

Saltwater pools do not taste like salt, and the water will not irritate swimmers’ eyes and skin. In addition, there is no bleaching to bathing suits.

While you still have to maintain a certain level of salt in the pool, the maintenance schedule is easier to follow, and adding the salt is safer than handling and storing ordinary chlorine.

What is the difference between plaster and PebbleTec?

Plaster is a smooth concrete finish that has been used in pools for decades. PebbleTec is a combination of plaster and bits and pieces of actual pebbles. Available in different colors and finishes, PebbleTec has become a popular choice among pool owners. The color and texture of PebbleTec effects how the water in the pool looks in regard to depth and how light is reflected. Plaster can also show signs of wear, along with scratches. Finally, and most importantly PebbleTec is much more durable than plaster.

What services does Rhine Pools offer?

Rhine Pools does more than just dig a hole and install a pool for our clients. We are a full service design-build-maintenance landscaping and hardscaping company. There is virtually nothing we cannot do – from designing and building your pool and patio to landscaping the area around your pool, and even building you a pool house. We install LED lights, water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pavilions, and entertainment systems. When you work with Rhine Pools, you team up with a project manager that handles all of your concerns and questions. One phone call is all it takes!