Sykesville Swimming Pool Contractors

Sykesville Swimming Pool Contractors
Here is some helpful advice from your Sykesville swimming pool contractors on how to enjoy your pool this season without driving up your energy bills

Are you looking forward to re-opening your swimming pool for the spring and summer? All of a sudden, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible for March to be knocking on our doors. But beware of warmer weather and higher bills. Here is some helpful advice from your Sykesville swimming pool contractors on how to enjoy your pool this season without driving up your energy bills.

Be Careful When Running Your Pump

One simple way to reduce your bills is to be careful. Take care when your run your swimming pool’s pump, and the utility usage level will decline. Chances are, you won’t be going for a night swim too often. So, try and run the swimming pool pump at night. Your Sykesville swimming pool contractors highly recommend following this strategy, because you might live in an area where electricity usage during the times between 7 AM and 7 PM is monitored and billed most heavily.

Get Enough Pool Chemicals

As swimming pool contractors trusted in Sykesville and throughout Maryland, we also advise that you get enough pool chemicals. Part of keeping your swimming pool operational for years to come is to make sure that you’re also taking proper care of it. When you stock up on pool chemicals ahead of time, you can ensure your pool remains clean while also saving money. We know that your time is valuable, along with not having to spend too much on outrageous utility bills. So, it’s even more crucial that you don’t waste the water you use to fill up your pool.

Don’t Waste The Water

Whether you keep the pool in your backyard or walk down to the local community pool, you understand the importance of avoiding pool water waste. At some point, you will need to refill your pool. The initial filling will happen when you start using your pool again at the beginning of spring. But as spring rolls on and summer arrives, you’ll need to exercise constant vigilance. Be sure that your children and the other neighborhood kids using your pool don’t do too much splashing while they play. After all, splashing will easily waste the water. Also, as the weather turns warmer, you’ll have to contend with more evaporation. You’ll need to refill the pool to counteract that natural effect.

Let the Experts from Rhine Pools Be Your Sykesville Swimming Pool Contractors

If you have questions about pool maintenance and ownership, Rhine Pools is here to help. We are an all-inclusive company, so you won’t need to worry about working with ten different project managers and faces over the course of your project. Right now is a great time to step up your outside aesthetic, our services include patios, decks, shade structures, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, plantings, lighting, and even more! Whatever you want as part of your pool and landscaping, Rhine Pools can handle the job! For more information and details on proper pool maintenance, give us a call at (410) 442-2445 or visit us online. For more pool design tips, follow us on social media at Houzz, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.