Trust Your Cooksville Swimming Pool Contractors

Trust Your Cooksville Swimming Pool Contractors
Lets look at how to prepare your swimming pool for spring before the season begins in earnest with some advice from your local swimming pool contractors

It’s almost March, and you know what that means! Spring is just around the corner. Even if you re-opened your pool during the unexpected spring-like weather, that doesn’t mean it’s ready for use just yet. Let’s look at how to prepare your swimming pool for spring before the season begins in earnest with some advice from your local swimming pool contractors.

Clean Off the Cover

Before you can clean off your swimming pool cover, you’ll need to drain it first. As trusted swimming pool contractors, we suggest that you allow a cover pump to remove the water. That way, you won’t have to subject yourself to backbreaking work in potentially unpleasant weather. Don’t forget to sweep away any stray leaves you might find. That way, you can avoid clogging your swimming pool filters. By making sure your cover stays clean, you can also make it easier for yourself when it’s time to close your pool again next year.

Take the Cover Off

While you might have to continue cleaning your swimming pool cover over the next few weeks,  you need to take the cover off too. You might need a friend, family member, or our swimming pool contractors to help you do this, depending on how heavy the cover is. Don’t worry if some excess water or stray debris falls into the pool because that’ll happen.

Restore Water Level

Restoring the water level is the next step. If you still have a garden hose in easy reach, then that’s all you need. Take a quick look in your Cooksville backyard to find the hose, and then start refilling the pool.


When you prepared your swimming pool for winter, you probably didn’t just cover it up and leave it at that. You’ll have to detach any plugs you added for the winter. De-winterizing is one of the most important steps you can take when you are reopening your Cooksville swimming pool.

Turn On and Test

If you’ve already tried to get your pool running, then this step might be something you’ve already accomplished. But all of the equipment associated with your Cooksville swimming pool, such as the pumps and the filters, need to be switched back on. One more thing, don’t forget to test the chemistry of your pool.

Let the Experts from Rhine Pools Be Your Cooksville Swimming Pool Contractors

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