Our Process

What is it like to hire Rhine Pools, and what are the expectations during the design process?  What is necessary to have a swimming pool built at your home?

At Rhine, we do not just build a pool, and instead create an entire backyard living space that is cohesive to your home and outdoor lifestyle.  We want to ensure that even if you complete a project in stages, our Design Teams will always be able to add new elements in the future, with everything being perfect!

Prior to the first meeting, it is imperative to have a Plot Plan.  We often learn that a home cannot have a pool install due to septic limitations and/or property setback limitations.

Swimming pools are considered to be a permanent structure and there are rules to where they can and cannot go.  Without your plot plan, we will not be able to determine what can feasibly and properly be installed.

Most importantly, though, is that a plot plan will determine property lines and a BRL (Building Restriction Line).  This is required in order to gain a proper permit.

Once we are able to determine the feasibility for a pool installation, we will begin making the list of your requirements and requests.

This may include the style of pool, patio size, if walls are needed, as well as lighting or an incorporated entertainment or sound system.

In addition, we will discuss the requirement of a fence, as well as options pertaining to proper drainage, and other features that may include an outdoor kitchen or pool house, outdoor shower, pergola, and much more.

The next step in the process is the Design Stage.  There is a design fee for these concepts and drawings, and are yours to keep at this point.

We typically prefer to create two drawings so that you can visualize your property in two, completely unique methods.

Fees are based on the size and scope of your project and often range from approximately $1200 to $3500, with an average fee for a fully-encompassed backyard plan of $2200.

At this point, we will have an in-person meeting to create a design agreement.  This will detail all of the items you are looking to have designed and the applicable fees for each.

If you would like to move forward from here, a signed copy of the contract and deposit will be required.  From here, our Landscape Design Architects will begin creating your concept drawings.  Please allow about 4-8 weeks for this step.

Once your drawings have been completed, we will invite you to our offices, located on the Rhine farm, and to our conference room.  Most meetings take about an hour and the purpose is to discuss the drawings and show detailed pricing for all of the different aspects of both your swimming pool and backyard elements and possible upgrades.

The drawings and pricing details are yours to keep, including comparing with other bids.

The next steps is for you to give us feedback on the design plans so that we can amend any design changes that you require.  We will continue updating these plans until you are beyond thrilled with the design and cost.  From here, we can then provide an exact, highly-detailed proposal for your new pool and outdoor living space!