Pool Equipment

On a hot July day, you don’t want to worry about motors, filters and pumps. All you want is to dive into a cool, clear pool that’s refreshing and relaxing.

Depending upon the type of pool you own, and its size and shape, you’ll need the proper pool equipment installed correctly. Remember, the entire pool is a system and it needs to work in harmony so the water is properly cleaned and sanitized.

At Rhine we evaluate your pools and your personal needs to come up with the perfect combination of pool equipment. Just like people no two pools are alike and have different needs. The recommendations we make to you are based on our years of experience and industry knowledge.


Rhine uses only the most trusted and reliable equipment in the industry. We use brands such as Pentair, Hayward Baker, and Jandy. These brands are trusted by pool builders and pool installers across the country and are noted for their durability and reliability.

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Our goal is for our equipment to let you swim more and work less. With today’s technology there is no need to be manually opening and closing valves or turning on and off pumps. We use automotive control panels that communicate with your pumps, heaters, cleaners, lights and valves. Our employees set up the pool control panel to reflect your personal preferences turning lights, heat, water features and pumps on and off automatically.

Rhine Pool believes in using only the best equipment, because it produces the best results: clean, enjoyable pool water that is cool and refreshing. Once the pool equipment has been safely and correctly installed, we will review its operation with you, and answer your questions until you have a complete understanding of the technology.

Work with a company that knows the value of using the finest pool equipment available – work with Rhine Pools. Find out more by contacting us today at 410 442 2445.