Pool House Enclosures

Complete The Pool Experience

enclosures_pic1Pool ownership has plenty of positives, but one challenge you may face is figuring out how to keep wet feet, wet swimsuits, and wet people outside of your home.

Rhine Pool can design and build pool houses so you and your guests can change into swimsuits, relax, and even shower after a dip in the pool.

A pool house can be as complex or simple as you choose, and it gives your guests privacy so they can get ready for the evening’s festivities. You can add televisions and stereos to the pool house for people who want to cool off, or need something to do as they wait out a passing summer storm.

enclosures_pic3Another idea to consider is a pool enclosure. This type of building can be built over your pool so that it can be used in bad weather. It also adds an architectural element to the entire backyard that adds to the attraction of your pool.

Pool enclosures are also great ideas for homeowners who want to use their pool for exercise. An enclosure allows you to swim every day of the year, regardless of the weather.

enclosures_pic2Whatever you choose to have built around your pool, the experts at Rhine Pools will design and build it to your specifications. We’ll make sure the buildings compliment the existing landscape, and if you want, we can add additional benches, and other hardscape elements.

Pool house and enclosures are the perfect way to enhance your pool, and our experience in construction and design combine to produce structures that work hard and look great.

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