Pool Services


At Rhine Pools, we do more than build you a swimming pool – we create an outdoor living experience. Elements such as landscape design, hardscaping, and even lighting work together and provide you, your family, and friends with a place to relax, exercise, and socialize.

Rhine Pools has been offering quality pool building services for more than a decade across the State of Maryland. Unlike other pool builders, we go beyond the pool and focus on what surrounds it to make that environment appealing and relaxing.


Our process begins with a face-to-face meeting that allows us to gather information and ideas from you. This meeting enables our designers and architects to create designs that accurately reflect your vision – from the shape of the pool to the surrounding structures and landscaping.

When it comes to receiving a cost estimate for your pool, you’ll receive one number, and that’s the final price. We don’t surprise you with hidden costs, or additional charges after we break ground. That might be how other companies work, but Rhine Pools believes in being honest and open with our clients.


A Rhine pool project runs smoothly because each job has its own project manager who functions as your sole point of contact. All you need to remember is one phone number and one email address. If you have any questions, the answers you will receive are honest and informative, because they are based on our decade’s worth of experience.

Your pool represents an investment that’s going to benefit your life, so work with a pool contractor that doesn’t view your pool as a hole in the ground, but as an excellent way to increase your outdoor living experience.

For more information, or to schedule a visit with one of our accomplished sales representatives, contact us today at 410 442 2445.